how to care for pets to have an ideal body weight

The easy way to take care of your pets so they have ideal body weight

how to care for pets _ Maintaining pet's weight to stay healthy is an important thing to do as a pet owner.

Usually, pet owners are worried when they start to realise that their pet losing some weight due to injury or suffering from certain diseases.

There are several ways to treat pets

1. Record the weight of your pet

The moment you think that your pet's weight is not normal, then you should begin to monitor the progress of his health in detail.

2. Perform Worm Eradication
Pet still have a thin body shape even after maintaining their diet and eating a lot can occur due to worm disease. As a solution you can visit a veterinarian to test for the presence of intestinal parasites by checking pet feces

pets that have been infected with intestinal parasites can look very thin because the parasite has taken all the nutrients contained in food

3. Add Extra Food Portions
Also add some extra food on pet's daily diet. For example, if you provide one meal a day, then add a second meal.

Adding additional portions will also change the habit of defecating in pets.

4. Improve the food quality
Make sure you provide enough food that contains balanced calories and nutrients so that your pet can get fatter and healthier faster.

5. Carefully check the protein and fat content in the food on its package label.
The number of calories per cup not always written on the package label so you should visit pet food sites to get that information more clearly.
Also pay attention to the list of ingredients such as beef, chicken or lamb protein, choose some high quality pet foods with high protein and lower the number of carbohydrates.
Ask your veterinarian about pet nutritional requirements including some recommedation about the best daily nutrient intake for your pets.

6. Give Various Types of Food
If your pet wasn't excitedly respond well with the food you give them, then you can provide other high-quality dry food, high-quality alkaline food or canned food and also a homemade pet food diet. If you want to make your own food for the long term, then watch and monitor them carefully so that your pet still gets a complete and balanced nutritional pattern.

7. Add Water to Dry Foods
If a pet does not want to eat dry food, then try adding hot water to the food and wait a few minutes that the food turns into a softer texture to make it look attractive to your pet.

8. Give Vitamin Supplements
Vitamin B has an important role for the enzyme system in increasing appetite and energy metabolism.


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