The fast way to achieve financial improvement

When the prophet (PBUH) was about to pray in the mosque, the prophet saw the man who was coming down from the camel to the mosque.
But the man did not tie his camel, so the prophet immediately asked, "Why don't you tie your camel in a tree?"

he replied, "O Prophet, I trust in Allah".

the prophet (PBUH) then said, "tie the camel first to the tree, only after that surrender and trust Allah.

Trying first, after that trust allah.

so one of our efforts is to improve financially

Finance Management is an ability everyone must be own. Whether or not someone is able to manage finances will affect their financial condition.

The following article are some way you can follow to improve your financial conditions:

1. Create an Expenditure Plan
Making the right expenditure plan will be very useful. Most people spend around 2/3 of their monthly income on 3 important things, like: food, housing, and transportation.

To increase your financial condition, make a clear and appropriate expenditure plan. Make sure to properly put each income you earn into the right posts. Also try to commit to the expenditure list plan you made beforehand.

2. Find the Right Investment Program
Investment is one way we can do to improve financial conditions. But do not arbitrarily make decisions. Make sure every investment made is right on target and profitable.

3. Saving for Urgent Needs Preparation
Of the way we can choose to improve. Use savings money only in times of urgencies. You shouldn't treat savings like a wallet which you can take the money for whenever you need.

4. Start your own business
To improve your financial condition, you can also open and build your own business. Make sure the business you have is built with a commitment and seriousness to be able to generate abundant profits.

Apart from being able to generate profits, personal businesses are also  a great way to improve your financial condition. For a business to run smoothly  and stand in the right place for a long time, choose a business that's unique and in the same terms with your interest / hobby.

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