maritime lawyer miami florid, this is detail information

maritime lawyer miami florid, this is detail information

Joining their 45 years of legitimate involvement. Their Fort Lauderdale-based, statewide Florida practice centers around the huge number of issues that emerge in marine law, from voyage ship and marine rescue rights to sea carelessness and delivery guidelines. 


The law office works with people, organizations, insurance agencies, marine-related workers and oceanic specialist organizations. 

Extraordinarily qualified oceanic lawyers 

Lawyer is load up affirmed in Admiralty and Maritime Law by the Florida Bar, and has been perceived by the Maritime Law Association of the United States as a Proctor in Admiralty since 1994. He is an individual from the United States Supreme Court, the United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Federal District Courts for the center and southern locale of Florida, and the eastern region of Michigan. 

A previous Captain in the United States Army (Military Intelligence Corps, 101st Airborne Division 1984-1988), lawyer. the Federal District Courts for the center and southern locale of Florida, and is an individual from the Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute. 

Globally perceived 

In the exceptionally particular universe of oceanic law,  stands separated as perceived specialists in the field. Different lawyers look for their assessments, and customers originate from as far away as China, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Dynamic Maritime Litigators 

we has the learning and experience to effectively explore the intricate American lawful framework in accordance with marine law. we have broad involvement with contesting marine individual damage and improper demise claims; shopper guarantee cases in regards to yacht and pontoon buys; dispossession of favored home loan liens against vessels; marine protection questions between vessel proprietors and guarantors; and yacht and ship exchanges. 

Their regions of training include - maritime lawyer miami florida, : 

team and traveler claims 

Marine Insurance Litigation 

Yacht and Ship Transactions and Litigation (incorporates purchasing and selling vessels, contracts) 

Yacht and Boat Owners' Warranty Claims 

Carriage of Goods via Sea Act 

Journey Ship 

Jones Act Crew Claims 

Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act Claims 

Marine Cargo Claims 

Oceanic Commercial Law 

Ship and Boatyard Vessel Repair Contracts 

Ship and Boatyard Haul Out and Dockage Agreements 

Abandonment of Maritime Liens Against Vessels 


Marine Products Liability 

Vessel Groundings 

US Cost Guard Regulations 

US Custom Duties and Sales Tax Regulations Concerning Vessels 

Planning of Purchase and Sale Contracts for Vessel Transactions 

Planning of Promissory Notes and Maritime Mortgages Against Vessels 

Planning of Shipbuilding and Repair Contracts 

Shipyard Litigation 

Scuba Diving 


Oceanic Administrative Law 

Treatment of Vessel Claims through Bankruptcy Process 

Oceanic Arbitration 

Rupture of Contract 

Agreement Litigation 

Business Contracts 

Bills of Lading 

Freight Claims 

Marina Liability 


Marine Insurance 

Rescue Claims 

Marine Subrogation 

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